Interest in App Inventor

I have been using MIT App Inventor since my 10th grade and making Application using it. So contributing to a program that I have used for past 3 Years as a student will gratify me. I also have a vision and belief that every person gets some unique and effective app ideas in their lifetime which can make an effort to the world. So If everyone could build apps without any charges and without needing any complicated languages to learn, then it would be easier for them to implement their ideas. I look at this opportunity as a dream come true. I have always been wanting to work in your firm, however, never got a chance or right opportunity.

Interest in introductory programming

I have been a part of Jaipur Facebook Developer Club and have conducted and managed a program on Python and I have been also Selected as the Campus Coordinator in HULT 2021 and conducted programs.I have also taught many students about MIT App Inventor and how made an Messaging App using MIT App Inventor.

Proposed summer project

Custom Font Support

Brief Explanation: An oft-requested feature in App Inventor is the ability to add custom fonts to a user interface, which would allow for more flexible designs.

Technical Difficulty: Medium

Estimated Time: 100 hours, plus some additional time for integration across other projects

Knowledge Prequisites:: Java, Android, and some JavaScript knowledge needed

Potential Mentors: Li Li, Susan Lane, or Evan Patton

Multiple file uploads

Brief Explanation: The current designer only allows uploading one asset at a time. If you need to upload 10 images, you need to do the process 10 times. It would be a much better experience to be able to upload a number of assets in one go.

Expected results: An improvement in the currently existing file chooser that allows multiple uploads for assets.

Technical Difficulty: Easy

Estimated Time: 100 hours

Knowledge Prerequisite: Java and familiarity with GWT

Potential Mentors: Jeff Schiller or Evan Patton

The Interface for the Application could be modified and can be more Designable as well as when we Scan with QR code it does not show any response on the Phone it shows the the Progress bar only on the Website.

Experience with the development tools

I have worked on two projects and one of the application is ready . I have worked out the app on Python and created an App which stores the Food Product name as well as date the product will be expired on and it reminds automatically remind 2 days before then 1 day before and Alert on the Last Day if the food item is not finished.

Experience with teams, online developer communities and large code bases

I am an Open Source Geek and have a rating of 3Star in Codechef and have solved many problems . I have worked with Jaipur Facebook Developer Club and helps the team to manage the different Programs.